Teaching Abroad Opportunities in Poland

Teaching Abroad Opportunities in Poland

Are you considering teaching and living abroad to experience a different life-style in Europe?
Interested in teaching Native English?
Come to Poland to experience work and travel! Poland is quickly becoming one of the leading countries in the European Union to welcome Native Speakers for job positions as teachers, assistants or tutors.

Teach &Explore Poland
Have you imagined waking up to echoing sounds of busy streets full of foreign languages? Using the modern metro to get to work where you’re able to familiarize with different cultures while simultaneously expanding other’s knowledge?

This opportunity includes competitive wage salaries allowing the chance to work while at the same time, travel Poland’s greatest tourist attractions including the Zakopane Mountains, to the mesmerizing lakes of Mazury, through the city-like atmosphere of Warsaw, all the way to the Baltic Sea. These trips consist of cheap accommodation, food and drinks; making the most out of the experience. During time off, experience the luxury of inexpensive flights across Europe such as France, Italy or England!

How To Apply for Teaching in Poland

At ProworkPL recruitment agency in Warsaw we focus on the recruitment of native speaking teachers, assistants or tutors for private kindergartens and school across Poland. Many private schools are in search of Native English speakers from the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia or New Zealand who have a passion for teaching, sharing experience with good communication skills and hold a BA in any field.

ProworkPL offers FREE consulting services to Native Speaking Jobseekers and assists throughout the entire process; including, but not limited to applying for a Work Permit or Visa which is an easy and quick process for candidates wishing to teach in Poland!

Apply online at www.prowork.pl and begin your new chapter full of opportunity and experience!
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