Private Education in Poland-Teaching Job Opportunities for Native English Teachers

Private Education in Poland. Teaching Jobs Opportunities for Native English Teachers
Why Teach Abroad in Poland?

Firstly, there is a high demand for Native English Speakers to work in the Private Education Sector in Warsaw and other cities in Poland. English is the second top spoken language in Poland, after their own National Language. Many parents are deciding to enroll their children in private schools, and sometimes even specific international schools because of the increase in popularity of the English language. If you are looking to teach English abroad, Poland has many great opportunities! 

What Kind of Education System Does Poland Have?

Moreover, the education system in Poland is very similar to the the system in the USA, other than some small differences. The system is as follows:
Day Care (Nursery): 6 months-3 years old
– Pre-School (Kindergarten): 3-6 years old
– Primary School: Starts at 7 years old
– High School: Starts at 15 years old

What are International Schools in Poland?

Along with the standard Polish curriculum schools in Poland, there has been an increase in the amount of schools opening that run and fully teach their students on a certain countries standard education curriculum. These schools include, French, German, British, American, Canadian and other countries standard curriculums. This means, for example, students who complete primary or secondary education levels at an International ‚American Education’ Curriculum School in Poland, will be taught based on the same standard curriculum being taught to children attending school In the United States.

What are the Different Types of Pre-Schools?

That is to say, when teaching in Poland, pre-schools follow many different kinds of teaching methods! As a result, this provides many different job opportunities to choose from. Among these methods, there is of course the traditional type which primarily focuses on core knowledge and follows the “classroom lecture” style. Additionally, there are also the more progressive (play) type of pre-schools which include:
– Montessori has a child-centered approach. There are no whole-class lectures, just small group or one-to-one learning! Teachers act as guides for the children, children choose their own tasks and activities.
– Waldorf uses play-based learning as well but focuses more on arts and crafts which enhances creativity.
– Regio Emilia focuses on discover learning and is project based. Teachers work together with children to choose tasks and activities that require critical thinking.

How to Teach English at Private Schools in Poland?

Most importantly, every private school in Poland focuses on teaching students English! Also, the level of English learning in private schools is higher than in most public schools, which is why schools are always eager to hire English Teachers, specifically Native English Speakers!

Teaching as a Native English Speaker in Poland

Most of the time, Native English Speakers have an easy time finding jobs in Warsaw and other cities in Poland because of the high demand. The main part of being a Native English Teacher is usually to just hold conversations and play with the children and acting as an assistant to the primary teacher. Therefore, you don’t need any formal teaching degree or education, just good interpersonal skills and a passion to share your knowledge! There are many different teaching opportunities which you can read more about on www.prowork.pl

How to Teach Abroad for the 2020 School Year

Are you a recent graduate gap year student- Native English Speaker?
Teach English in Poland from September 2020!
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