Everything You Need to Know About Teaching Abroad in Poland

 Are you looking for a work and travel adventure abroad?
Are you a recent graduate, gap year student- Native English Speaker?
Everything You Need to Know About Teaching Abroad in Poland

Which Countries need Native English Speakers?

If you’re from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia or New Zealand– Europe, specifically Poland, has much to offer in exchange for your Native Speaking Skills!

Why Teach and live abroad in Poland?

Poland is located in Central Europe, making it one of the most convenient and cheapest countries of the European Union. The cost of living is almost HALF the amount it is in the UK or other countries in the EU; meanwhile very rewarding for those with Native English Speaking skills.

Discover towns and cities with decades of history, while enjoying delicious foods and experiencing different cultures and languages. Poland is known for its impressive architecture along with scenic views ranging from mountainsides, to great lakes and even a Sea along the northern border. Additionally, on your days off from work, enjoy the leisure of cheap flights across Europe to countries such as England, France and Italy…. Or others you prefer! The possibilities are endless…

How to work as a Native English Teacher?

Currently, many different private schools in Warsaw and other cities in Poland offer jobs to Native English Speakers who wish to teach English.

For example, Teaching English as a Native English Speaker means you will be employed by either a private kindergarten, or a language school as an assistant to the main language teacher. Your job is to simply speak your native language throughout your work day to the students!
You do not need to know Polish!
To clarify, you also do not need to have any proper experience in teaching English, or know how to prepare any lesson plans.
In addition, almost every time, the employers will offer training to help you prepare for your role as a Native Speaker!
Yes, it is as easy as it sounds and you do not need an education degree! No previous teaching experience is required, and you do not even need to be interested in teaching as a career!

What are the requirements?

  • Be a Native English Speaker
  • Hold a BA in any field
  • Be willing to work with children
  • Good communication/people skills

Do I need a TEFL Certificate to Teach Abroad in Poland?

No, employers at schools and language centers do not require the Native English Speakers to hold TEFL Certificates. Most importantly, schools are looking for individuals with strong interpersonal skills. Also is important the ability to communicate and share their experience with others.

How to Find Teaching Jobs Abroad in Poland?

Many different private schools and language centers in Poland are seeking Native Speakers to add into their programs. ProworkPl EDU is a recruitment company that works with many schools across Poland. We can help you find jobs that fit your criteria as a Native Speaker in Warsaw and other cities, for free.
Simply, create an account, send your CV (resume) online at www.prowork.pl and apply for select offers. Once your application has been received, we will help arrange a skype meeting with select employers. Then  if you are accepted- the employer will personally send you a formal employment contract.

How Can I Get a Work Permit in Poland as a Native English Speaker?

The process of obtaining a work permit for teaching in Poland when teaching English is quite simple. For example, Poland accepts and is willing to give work permits to individuals from Native English Countries who show proof of an employment contract. This permit will allow you to work and travel Poland and Europe freely!
Prowork.Pl can assist you in the process of document preparation for the work permit.

Therefore, If you are interested in gaining new experience by Teaching English and living abroad in Poland while also traveling Europe, contact ProworkPL EDU for more information and begin the process.

If you are planning to begin this Teaching in Poland experience for the 2020 school year, start your application process now!

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