Dzień Dobry, Come Teach in Poland!

Dzień Dobry, Come Teach in Poland!

Do you have Polish roots, but grew up in a different country? Maybe grandparents or parents from Poland? You might know about pierogis or kielbasa and words such as “Dzień dobry” or perhaps even some curse words (which seem quite popular). Maybe you’ve visited Poland for a few weeks but haven’t gotten a chance to learn more about the culture or language. Have you wondered what it’s like to live in Poland and wish to explore a new experience?
Well, this is the perfect opportunity! Poland has multiple work and travel opportunities that can help you expand your life experience all while earning money and being able to travel Poland and the rest of Europe.

Work Opportunities in Poland for Poles from Abroad

If you’re bilingual in Polish and English that’s great but if you’re not- don’t worry! Polish employers are still eager to hire you!
Currently, many Polish employers are hiring individuals with high interpersonal skills who wish to share their knowledge as Native English Speakers.
So, why not use your natural language skills and work as a Native English teacher in Poland?

Private pre-schools and kindergartens are looking for teachers to assistant in everyday teaching activities while simply speaking your native English language to students!
Current teaching jobs in Poland 2020 you can view at www.prowork.pl .
“Everything you need to know about teaching abroad in Poland” 

Study in Poland and Get an EU Higher Education Diploma  

Aside from work, at present, Universities in Poland also have a high number of higher education degrees available for which all of the classes are taught in English. These degrees follow English teaching curriculum’s and are therefore equivalent to degrees in the native country.
Not to mention, you will be able to save money on Education as the cost of Universities in Poland is comparably less than in other countries!
Along with degree programs, universities also have Polish speaking courses available for individuals who wish to expand their Polish language skill!

Explore Poland and Find the Paths of Your Family Roots

If you’re familiar with Poland even the slightest, you know the Food and scenery is one of the most talked about in Europe. While working and/or studying in Poland, you will be able to enjoy traditional Polish dishes while traveling across the country by cheap and short flights/train rides.

Along with exploring Poland, which is a part of the EU, you can also experience the rest of Europe at your fingertip- just a few hour flight to some of the amazing cities of Europe such as Paris, London, Madrid and others!

Visa and work permit Procedure in Poland

If you are a EU or Polish citizen living in the US, Canada or Australia– you are obviously free to work in Poland without any limits. However, if you are a Native English Speaker and Polish by heart either by keeping some polish tradition at home or just interested in the Polish culture, you can also work in Poland as an English teacher.

No EU nationality? No problem!
Individuals from Native English Countries are applicable for an easy visa process that allows you to work and travel in the EU with no restrictions.
So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to begin looking and planning your move to a new experience abroad!

How to Apply for Teaching Jobs in Poland

ProworkPl EDU offers FREE consulting services to Native English speaking jobseekers and assists throughout the whole process! We will link you with direct schools and employer in Poland.
Browse new job offers at www.prowork.pl and once you sign up, a consultant will be in touch to help you begin your new adventure.
Spend a year in Poland and enjoy polish daily life and hospitality! Do zobaczenia w Polsce!

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